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% Information related to 'AS12288 - AS12454'
as-block:       AS12288 - AS12454
descr:          RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks:        These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
created:        2018-11-22T15:27:24Z
last-modified:  2018-11-22T15:27:24Z
source:         RIPE
% Information related to 'AS12389'
% Abuse contact for 'AS12389' is 'abuse@rt.ru'
aut-num:        AS12389
as-name:        ROSTELECOM-AS
remarks:        +-----------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | Community |
remarks:        +-----------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | 12389:6xxy When advertising to UPSTREAM |
remarks:        +-----------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | 12389:607y When advertising to Level3 (AS3356) |
remarks:        | 12389:608y When advertising to PCCW Global (AS3491) |
remarks:        | 12389:612y When advertising to Telia Sonera (AS1299) |
remarks:        | 12389:614y When advertising to Vodafone (AS1273) |
remarks:        | 12389:617y When advertising to Telecom-Italia Sparkle (AS6762) |
remarks:        | 12389:618y When advertising to Orange (AS5511) |
remarks:        | 12389:619y When advertising to Cogent (AS174)|
remarks:        | 12389:620y When advertising to CHINA MOBILE INTERNATIONAL (AS58453)|
remarks:        | 12389:699y When advertising to any UPSTREAM |
remarks:        | ...y=9 - advertise without prepends |
remarks:        | ...y=0 - do not advertise |
remarks:        | ...y=1,2,3 or 5 - prepend 12389 (1,2,3 or 5) times |
remarks:        +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | 12389:7xxy When advertising to INTERNATIONAL peer |
remarks:        +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | 12389:701y When advertising to LINX (AS8714) and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:702y When advertising to China Telecom (AS4134) |
remarks:        | 12389:703y When advertising to China NetCom (AS4837) |
remarks:        | 12389:705y When advertising to any BTC-Bolgaria peer (AS8866) |
remarks:        | 12389:707y When advertising to Korea Telecom (AS4766) |
remarks:        | 12389:709y When advertising to KDDI (AS2516) |
remarks:        | 12389:710y When advertising to Akamai (AS20940)|
remarks:        | 12389:711y When advertising to DE-CIX and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:712y When advertising to any CloudFlare (AS13335) |
remarks:        | 12389:713y When advertising to Google (AS15169) |
remarks:        | 12389:714y When advertising to Netnod and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:716y When4 advertising to EuroTransTelecom (AS35320) |
remarks:        | 12389:717y When advertising to AMS-IX and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:719y When advertising to IPTRANSIT (AS46786) |
remarks:        | 12389:721y When advertising to Netflix (AS2906) |
remarks:        | 12389:722y When advertising to Hetzner Online AG (AS24940) |
remarks:        | 12389:723y When advertising to HIGHWINDS (AS12989) |
remarks:        | 12389:724y When advertising to Singtel (AS7473) |
remarks:        | 12389:726y When advertising to UPC Broadband (AS6830) |
remarks:        | 12389:727y When advertising to HURRICANE (AS6939) |
remarks:        | 12389:729y When advertising to LEASEWEB (AS16265)|
remarks:        | 12389:731y When advertising to JUSTINTV (AS46489)|
remarks:        | 12389:733y When advertising to Limelight Networks (AS22822)|
remarks:        | 12389:734y When advertising to Valve at Asia (AS32590) |
remarks:        | 12389:735y When advertising to Valve at Europe (AS32590) |
remarks:        | 12389:736y When advertising to FlagTel (AS15412)|
remarks:        | 12389:737y When advertising to EdgeCast Networks (AS15133)|
remarks:        | 12389:738y When advertising to Microsoft (AS8075)|
remarks:        | 12389:739y When advertising to Hibernia/Atrato IP Networks (AS5580)|
remarks:        | 12389:740y When advertising to INIT7 (AS13030)|
remarks:        | 12389:742y When advertising to CoreBackbone (AS33891)|
remarks:        | 12389:743y When advertising to Facebook (AS32934)|
remarks:        | 12389:744y When advertising to Riot Games (AS6507)|
remarks:        | 12389:745y When advertising to Young Internet Service Provider (AS58073)|
remarks:        | 12389:746y When advertising to HKIX (AS4635) and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:747y When advertising to Blizzard (AS57976)|
remarks:        | 12389:748y When advertising to Apple (AS714)|
remarks:        | 12389:749y When advertising to Amazon at Europe (AS16509)|
remarks:        | 12389:750y When advertising to NL-IX (AS34307) and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:751y When advertising to Equinix (AS24115) and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:752y When advertising to BBIX (AS23640) and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:753y When advertising to LG UPLUS (AS3786)|
remarks:        | 12389:754y When advertising to DE-CIX-NYC (AS63034)|
remarks:        | 12389:755y When advertising to DATA-IX (AS50952) and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:756y When advertising to IIJ (AS2497)|
remarks:        | 12389:757y When advertising to JNAP (AS45686) and any private peers |
remarks:        | 12389:759y When advertising to CDN77(AS60068)|
remarks:        | 12389:761y When advertising to Telegram (AS62041)|
remarks:        | 12389:762y When advertising to Amazon at Asia (AS16509)|
remarks:        | 12389:763y When advertising to Roblox (AS22697)|
remarks:        | 12389:799y When advertising to any INTERNATIONAL peer |
remarks:        | ...y=9 - advertise without prepends |
remarks:        | ...y=0 - do not advertise |
remarks:        | ...y=1,2,3 or 5 - prepend 12389 (1,2,3 or 5) times |
remarks:        +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | 12389:8xxy When advertising to RUSSIAN peer |
remarks:        +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | 12389:801y When advertising to Yandex (AS13238) |
remarks:        | 12389:802y When advertising to Google (AS15169) |
remarks:        | 12389:804y When advertising to MSK-IX (AS8631) |
remarks:        | 12389:806y When advertising to SMR-IX (AS47882) |
remarks:        | 12389:815y When advertising to RUNNET (AS3267) |
remarks:        | 12389:820y When advertising to GLOBALNET (AS31500) |
remarks:        | 12389:824y When advertising to VKadre (AS47542) |
remarks:        | 12389:825y When advertising to VKontakte (AS47541) |
remarks:        | 12389:827y When advertising to Mail.ru (AS47764) |
remarks:        | 12389:833y When advertising to MegaFon (AS31133) |
remarks:        | 12389:834y When advertising to MTS (AS8359) |
remarks:        | 12389:835y When advertising to Vympelcom/Beeline (AS3216) |
remarks:        | 12389:837y When advertising to TransTeleCom (AS20485) |
remarks:        | 12389:838y When advertising to Corbina (AS8402) |
remarks:        | 12389:842y When advertising to DATA-IX (AS50952) |
remarks:        | 12389:843y When advertising to EKT-IX (AS42728) |
remarks:        | 12389:844y When advertising to RND-IX (AS47445) |
remarks:        | 12389:845y When advertising to VLV-IX (AS45018) |
remarks:        | 12389:846y When advertising to NSK-IX (AS42139) |
remarks:        | 12389:847y When advertising to I3D.NET (AS49544) |
remarks:        | 12389:848y When advertising to SPB-IX (AS43690) |
remarks:        | 12389:849y When advertising to Amazon (AS16509) |
remarks:        | 12389:852y When advertising to VKontakte (AS28709) |
remarks:        | 12389:853y When advertising to Telegram (AS211157) |
remarks:        | 12389:899y When advertising to any RUSSIAN peer |
remarks:        | ...y=9 - advertise without prepends |
remarks:        | ...y=0 - do not advertise |
remarks:        | ...y=1,2,3 or 5 - prepend 12389 (1,2,3 or 5) times |
remarks:        +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | We don't accept prefixes longer than /24.|
remarks:        +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | Local-preference |
remarks:        +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | 12389:2800 - set local-pref=800 |
remarks:        | 12389:2100 - set local-pref=100 |
remarks:        | Default local-pref: |
remarks:        | 850 - Customer |
remarks:        | 250-500 - Peer |
remarks:        | 200 - Upstream |
remarks:        +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        | 12389:55555 - blackhole traffic |
remarks:        +------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks:        +
remarks:        + Upstreams:
remarks:        +
import:         from AS3491 accept ANY
export:         to AS3491 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS1299 accept ANY
export:         to AS1299 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS1273 accept ANY
export:         to AS1273 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS3356 accept ANY
export:         to AS3356 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS6762 accept ANY
export:         to AS6762 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS5511 accept ANY
export:         to AS5511 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS6453 accept ANY
export:         to AS6453 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS58453 accept ANY
export:         to AS58453 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
remarks:        +
remarks:        + Peers:
remarks:        +
import:         from AS211157 accept AS211157
export:         to AS211157 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS62041 accept AS62041
export:         to AS62041 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS22697 accept AS22697
export:         to AS22697 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8631 accept AS-MSKROUTESERVER
export:         to AS8631 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS43690 accept AS-SPBROUTESERVER
export:         to AS43690 announce AS12389
import:         from AS714 accept AS-APPLE
export:         to AS714 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8075 accept AS-MICROSOFT
export:         to AS8075 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS57976 accept AS-BLIZZARD
export:         to AS57976 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS4837 accept AS4837
export:         to AS4837 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS16509 accept AS16509
export:         to AS16509 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS201907 accept AS201907
export:         to AS201907 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS13238 accept AS-YANDEX
export:         to AS13238 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS3267 accept AS-RUNNET
export:         to AS3267 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS4134 accept AS4134
export:         to AS4134 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8866 accept AS-BTC-UP
export:         to AS8866 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS15169 accept AS-GOOGLE
export:         to AS15169 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS6939 accept AS-HURRICANE
export:         to AS6939 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS6805 accept AS-TDDE
export:         to AS6805 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS12713 accept AS-OTEGLOBE
export:         to AS12713 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS10310 accept AS-YAHOO
export:         to AS10310 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS5605 accept AS-NETUSE
export:         to AS5605 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS2516 accept AS2516
export:         to AS2516 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8804 accept AS-REGIONET
export:         to AS8804 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8068 accept AS-MICROSOFT
export:         to AS8068 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS35320 accept AS-ETT
export:         to AS35320 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS13189 accept AS-LIDERO
export:         to AS13189 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS6667 accept AS-EUNETIP
export:         to AS6667 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8966 accept AS-EMIX
export:         to AS8966 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8447 accept AS-PTA
export:         to AS8447 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS2119 accept AS-TELENOR
export:         to AS2119 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS5459 accept AS-VITAL-GROUP
export:         to AS5459 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8365 accept AS-MANDA
export:         to AS8365 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS5430 accept AS-FREENETDE
export:         to AS5430 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS5580 accept AS-HIBERNIA
export:         to AS5580 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS13030 accept AS-INIT7
export:         to AS13030 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS29208 accept AS-DIALTELECOM
export:         to AS29208 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS9050 accept AS-RTD
export:         to AS9050 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS6661 accept AS-PTLU
export:         to AS6661 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS47195 accept AS-GAMEFORGE
export:         to AS47195 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS12552 accept AS-IPO
export:         to AS12552 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS5390 accept AS-EURONETNL
export:         to AS5390 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS31500 accept AS-GLOBAL-NET
export:         to AS31500 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS24940 accept AS-HETZNER
export:         to AS24940 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS32934 accept AS32934
export:         to AS32934 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS35320 accept AS-ETT
export:         to AS35320 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS31122 accept AS-DIGIWEB
export:         to AS31122 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS31133 accept AS-MF-MGSM
export:         to AS31133 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS46786 accept AS-IPTRANSIT
export:         to AS46786 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8359 accept AS-MTU
export:         to AS8359 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS3216 accept AS-SOVAM
export:         to AS3216 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS16265 accept AS-LEASEWEB
export:         to AS16265 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS21219 accept AS-FF-TRANSIT
export:         to AS21219 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS20485 accept AS-TTK
export:         to AS20485 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS8402 accept AS-CORBINA
export:         to AS8402 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS20764 accept AS-RASCOM
export:         to AS20764 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS6830 accept AS-AORTA
export:         to AS6830 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS46489 accept AS46489
export:         to AS46489 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS58073 accept AS58073
export:         to AS58073 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS22822 accept AS-LLNW
export:         to AS22822 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS47541 accept AS-VKONTAKTE
export:         to AS47541 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS47542 accept AS47542
export:         to AS47542 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS15133 accept AS-EDGECAST
export:         to AS15133 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS33891 accept AS-CORE-BACKBONE
export:         to AS33891 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS42403 accept AS-NSKROUTESERVER
export:         to AS42403 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS30124 accept AS30124
export:         to AS30124 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS15412 accept AS-FLAGP
export:         to AS15412 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS2497 accept AS-IIJ
export:         to AS2497 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS4766 accept AS-KORNETBGP
export:         to AS4766 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS3786 accept AS-DACOM
export:         to AS3786 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS2906 accept AS-NFLX
export:         to AS2906 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS6507 accept AS-RIOT
export:         to AS6507 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS7473 accept AS7473
export:         to AS7473 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS32590 accept AS-VALVE
export:         to AS32590 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS50952 accept AS50952
export:         to AS50952 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS42728 accept AS-NS9_RIPN_NET
export:         to AS42728 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS47445 accept AS-NS9_RIPN_NET
export:         to AS47445 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS45018 accept AS-NS9_RIPN_NET
export:         to AS45018 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS42139 accept AS-NS9_RIPN_NET
export:         to AS42139 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
import:         from AS42403 accept AS25152
export:         to AS42403 announce AS-ROSTELECOM
remarks:        +
remarks:        + Customers:
remarks:        +
import:         from AS9002 accept AS9002
export:         to AS9002 announce ANY
import:         from AS34352 accept AS-MCN
export:         to AS34352 announce ANY
import:         from AS42842 accept AS42842
export:         to AS42842 announce ANY
import:         from AS35682 accept AS35682
export:         to AS35682 announce ANY
import:         from AS25446 accept AS-TOMLINE-SET
export:         to AS25446 announce ANY
import:         from AS8997 accept AS-SPBNIT
export:         to AS8997 announce ANY
import:         from AS3253 accept AS-URRTPEERING
export:         to AS3253 announce ANY
import:         from AS24832 accept AS-TCUCOM
export:         to AS24832 announce ANY
import:         from AS34550 accept AS-INTERCON
export:         to AS34550 announce ANY
import:         from AS39676 accept AS-TECHNOR
export:         to AS39676 announce ANY
import:         from AS41829 accept AS41829
export:         to AS41829 announce ANY
import:         from AS30936 accept AS-RENET
export:         to AS30936 announce ANY
import:         from AS42514 accept AS-SIGNALTV
export:         to AS42514 announce ANY
import:         from AS43912 accept AS43912
export:         to AS43912 announce ANY
import:         from AS24787 accept AS-SPRINTNET
export:         to AS24787 announce ANY
import:         from AS44254 accept AS44254
export:         to AS44254 announce ANY
import:         from AS13304 accept AS-SURGUTTEL
export:         to AS13304 announce ANY
import:         from AS44408 accept AS44408
export:         to AS44408 announce ANY
import:         from AS41440 accept AS-SIBNET
export:         to AS41440 announce ANY
import:         from AS8345 accept AS-DSIJSC
export:         to AS8345 announce ANY
import:         from AS34703 accept AS34703
export:         to AS34703 announce ANY
import:         from AS43087 accept AS43087
export:         to AS43087 announce ANY
import:         from AS6767 accept AS-CTSRND
export:         to AS6767 announce ANY
import:         from AS9198 accept AS-KAZTELECOMPEERS
export:         to AS9198 announce ANY
import:         from AS33934 accept AS-VES
export:         to AS33934 announce ANY
import:         from AS21332 accept AS-NTC
export:         to AS21332 announce ANY
import:         from AS25592 accept AS-NETIS
export:         to AS25592 announce ANY
import:         from AS44113 accept AS44113
export:         to AS44113 announce ANY
import:         from AS30977 accept AS-UGRATEL
export:         to AS30977 announce ANY
import:         from AS30729 accept AS-TRANSFER
export:         to AS30729 announce ANY
import:         from AS44248 accept AS44248
export:         to AS44248 announce ANY
import:         from AS34875 accept AS34875
export:         to AS34875 announce ANY
import:         from AS31357 accept as-tomica
export:         to AS31357 announce ANY
import:         from AS41034 accept AS-IMPULS
export:         to AS41034 announce ANY
import:         from AS41843 accept AS41843
export:         to AS41843 announce ANY
import:         from AS44579 accept AS44579
export:         to AS44579 announce ANY
import:         from AS43600 accept AS43600
export:         to AS43600 announce ANY
import:         from AS41976 accept AS-SZKTI
export:         to AS41976 announce ANY
import:         from AS34896 accept AS34896
export:         to AS34896 announce ANY
import:         from AS44420 accept AS44420
export:         to AS44420 announce ANY
import:         from AS39775 accept AS-HYPERNET
export:         to AS39775 announce ANY
import:         from AS43691 accept AS43691
export:         to AS43691 announce ANY
import:         from AS42548 accept AS-KCHR
export:         to AS42548 announce ANY
import:         from AS43975 accept AS-VOLGATELECOM
export:         to AS43975 announce ANY
import:         from AS12418 accept AS-QUANTUM
export:         to AS12418 announce ANY
import:         from AS44552 accept AS44552
export:         to AS44552 announce ANY
import:         from AS15500 accept AS-SAMTEL
export:         to AS15500 announce ANY
import:         from AS41556 accept AS41556
export:         to AS41556 announce ANY
import:         from AS35154 accept AS-KABINET
export:         to AS35154 announce ANY
import:         from AS16230 accept AS16230
export:         to AS16230 announce ANY
import:         from AS16345 accept AS16345
export:         to AS16345 announce ANY
import:         from AS13105 accept AS13105
export:         to AS13105 announce ANY
import:         from AS15640 accept AS15640
export:         to AS15640 announce ANY
import:         from AS28840 accept AS-TTC
export:         to AS28840 announce ANY
import:         from AS8427 accept AS8427
export:         to AS8427 announce ANY
import:         from AS28947 accept AS-28947-ALL
export:         to AS28947 announce ANY
import:         from AS44677 accept AS44677
export:         to AS44677 announce ANY
import:         from AS44270 accept AS44270
export:         to AS44270 announce ANY
import:         from AS5547 accept AS-ORTEL
export:         to AS5547 announce ANY
import:         from AS41123 accept AS41123
export:         to AS41123 announce ANY
import:         from AS39519 accept AS39519
export:         to AS39519 announce ANY
import:         from AS35475 accept AS-PROGTECH
export:         to AS35475 announce ANY
import:         from AS25086 accept AS-UTC-RU
export:         to AS25086 announce ANY
import:         from AS42145 accept AS42145
export:         to AS42145 announce ANY
import:         from AS39178 accept AS39178
export:         to AS39178 announce ANY
import:         from AS28890 accept AS-INSYS-EKB
export:         to AS28890 announce ANY
import:         from AS42451 accept AS42451
export:         to AS42451 announce ANY
import:         from AS42277 accept AS-KURSKTELECOM
export:         to AS42277 announce ANY
import:         from AS44724 accept AS44724
export:         to AS44724 announce ANY
import:         from AS39264 accept AS-METROMAX
export:         to AS39264 announce ANY
import:         from AS43782 accept AS43782
export:         to AS43782 announce ANY
import:         from AS31138 accept AS-PROEKT
export:         to AS31138 announce ANY
import:         from AS42825 accept AS-SET-UDMVT
export:         to AS42825 announce ANY
import:         from AS20663 accept AS20663
export:         to AS20663 announce ANY
import:         from AS6697 accept AS-BELPAK
export:         to AS6697 announce ANY
import:         from AS35645 accept AS-INFOCENTER
export:         to AS35645 announce ANY
import:         from AS21442 accept AS21442
export:         to AS21442 announce ANY
import:         from AS35473 accept AS35473
export:         to AS35473 announce ANY
import:         from AS30922 accept AS-SIBELTELECOM
export:         to AS30922 announce ANY
import:         from AS21255 accept AS21255
export:         to AS21255 announce ANY
import:         from AS31558 accept AS-ZGTK
export:         to AS31558 announce ANY
import:         from AS44584 accept AS44584
export:         to AS44584 announce ANY
import:         from AS4134 accept AS4134
export:         to AS4134 announce ANY
import:         from AS42375 accept AS42375
export:         to AS42375 announce ANY
import:         from AS43148 accept AS43148
export:         to AS43148 announce ANY
import:         from AS30855 accept AS30855
export:         to AS30855 announce ANY
import:         from AS41822 accept AS-TNGS
export:         to AS41822 announce ANY
import:         from AS43908 accept AS43908
export:         to AS43908 announce ANY
import:         from AS31224 accept AS31224
export:         to AS31224 announce ANY
import:         from AS38934 accept AS38934
export:         to AS38934 announce ANY
import:         from AS30767 accept AS-TAGILTELECOM
export:         to AS30767 announce ANY
import:         from AS38959 accept AS-RADIOLINK
export:         to AS38959 announce ANY
import:         from AS12999 accept AS12999
export:         to AS12999 announce ANY
import:         from AS42371 accept AS-PROKMA
export:         to AS42371 announce ANY
import:         from AS39811 accept AS-MTSDV
export:         to AS39811 announce ANY
import:         from AS44237 accept AS-CTC-CORE
export:         to AS44237 announce ANY
import:         from AS31213 accept AS31213
export:         to AS31213 announce ANY
import:         from AS28860 accept AS28860
export:         to AS28860 announce ANY
import:         from AS42291 accept AS42291
export:         to AS42291 announce ANY
import:         from AS44599 accept AS44599
export:         to AS44599 announce ANY
import:         from AS41516 accept AS41516
export:         to AS41516 announce ANY
import:         from AS31724 accept AS31724
export:         to AS31724 announce ANY
import:         from AS43132 accept AS43132
export:         to AS43132 announce ANY
import:         from AS42387 accept AS-SET-SVSERV
export:         to AS42387 announce ANY
import:         from AS39293 accept AS-RTCENTER
export:         to AS39293 announce ANY
import:         from AS39735 accept as39735
export:         to AS39735 announce ANY
import:         from AS43675 accept AS43675
export:         to AS43675 announce ANY
import:         from AS30812 accept AS30812
export:         to AS30812 announce ANY
import:         from AS29648 accept AS-COMLINE
export:         to AS29648 announce ANY
import:         from AS42362 accept AS-ALANIA
export:         to AS42362 announce ANY
import:         from AS34470 accept AS-PTKOM
export:         to AS34470 announce ANY
import:         from AS44491 accept AS-SET-AQUANETS
export:         to AS44491 announce ANY
import:         from AS34434 accept AS34434
export:         to AS34434 announce ANY
import:         from AS41789 accept AS-TELEDYNE
export:         to AS41789 announce ANY
import:         from AS44391 accept AS-ESD
export:         to AS44391 announce ANY
import:         from AS34485 accept AS34485
export:         to AS34485 announce ANY
import:         from AS12669 accept AS12669
export:         to AS12669 announce ANY
import:         from AS9122 accept AS-TESNET
export:         to AS9122 announce ANY
import:         from AS15934 accept AS-ZEBRA
export:         to AS15934 announce ANY
import:         from AS44905 accept AS44905
export:         to AS44905 announce ANY
import:         from AS34389 accept as-its1
export:         to AS34389 announce ANY
import:         from AS31512 accept AS31512
export:         to AS31512 announce ANY
import:         from AS8848 accept AS8848
export:         to AS8848 announce ANY
import:         from AS25308 accept AS-CITYLAN
export:         to AS25308 announce ANY
import:         from AS34287 accept AS-VOLGOGRAD-GSM
export:         to AS34287 announce ANY
import:         from AS42532 accept AS-ZVU
export:         to AS42532 announce ANY
import:         from AS47378 accept AS47378
export:         to
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2 records found for 'AS12389'
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IP address lookups Miscellaneous queries

1st level less specific

Returns smallest IP address range that includes the queried IP address or range


Inverse attributes

Returns objects with an attribute that matches the query text and attribute type

All less specific

Return all larger IP address ranges that include the queried IP address or range


Object types

Results that match the query and are of a specified object type

1st level more specific

Returns first level more specific address ranges within the boundaries of the queried IP address range

All more specific

Returns all more specific address ranges within the boundaries of the queried IP address range

Query hints

  • Include "AS" in front of an AS number.
    Example: AS4808

  • Include "-t" (template only) or "-v" (template and description) in front of an object name to view the template
    Example: -t inetnum


Exact match only

Returns address range that exactly matches the queried IP address range

Associated reverse domain

Returns IP address range and associated reverse domain

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